New Year, New Engine!

Why not treat yourself to a new engine in 2013? If you have been nursing an old outboard or inboard engine for a few years maybe it is time to cut out all the worry and hard work and buy a new one. Now I say a new engine but that does not necessarily  mean a brand new shiny engine from a dealer. It could also mean a replacement engine Рperhaps a few years younger. One with less hours on the clock!

Your new engine might be the same make as your existing lump which could be a good thing. It will fit in to place if it is an inboard engine quite easily with the engine bearers etc not needing altered. Also if you have a load of spares for your existing motor then they could probably be used with your new one. In other words, everything would fit more easily if you simply updated to a younger propulsion unit.

Changing an outboard motor for a new or newer unit is a lot easier. Most accessories such as teleflex controls or fuel leads should fit the new engine. It also gives you the opportunity to either increase the power of the engine or get a smaller more economic power unit. All this needs some consideration.

Looking at this from another angle, you might want to buy another outboard engine as a back up unit for your main propulsion. More and more boat owners are strapping on a smaller outboard to the transom to use when the main engine stops working. This is a good safety feature and one that you should consider.

Installing a secondary inboard engine is quite an undertaking, both in time and expense. The main benefits are safety and manoevreability. Therefore, if it is possible to just add an outboard bracket to the stern and strap on a small outboard motor, this would be easier and a whole lot cheaper!

So, I hope I have given you something to think about at the beginning of this New Year. Will you buy a new engine?


Planning for the new season.

Now is the time to plan for the new season. All those small jobs you wanted to complete last year could be done in the next few months. Begin by writing down everything you want to do. Start at the bow of your boat and work towards the stern. For most of us the engine will require either the most money thrown at it or the most time or even both!

Whether you have an inboard or outboard engine it will need a good thorough service before using it this coming season. With the recent increase in VAT everything is going to cost more. So looking for value for money products and services is now more vital than ever before. Spend some time doing your research before deciding to purchase a product or service.

On ebay there are various products and services that offer value for money. You can access them using this link to outboard motors.


Second hand Outboard engine.

Now is a great time to buy a second hand outboard engine! January is a time when people either have spare money or are desperate to sell something to get money. They need money to pay credit card bills. So they look around the house and garage to find something to sell. An outboard engine that has been sitting around gathering dust for the last three months and will still be sitting around for another three months is a prime object for the chop! The thinking behind selling the outboard motor is easy money now and another one can be bought nearer the time.

You can benefit from this fact. Many people will list there outboard engine for sale and accept anything you offer. Just for ready money. Competition is low as not too many others have spare money right now. So you can pick up a bargain. Why not follow this link to see the various outboard engines listed for sale in our store?