Welcome to the site -Sailorpower a blog about outboard motors, new and second hand.  If this is not your first time visiting Sailorpower, you will notice this new website theme.  My previous website with the same name which had been going since 2005, developed a fatal fault.  Well it was my fault, I was trying to add something to the website and ended up making a mess of it – not as good with this web design stuff as I am with boats and engines!

So this is the new layout!  I hope to add more information as soon as possible  – because I lost all the previous info when the old site went down!

My name is Ian McCulloch and I have been spending my time on all sorts of boats, in different places around Britain and Europe.

I was introduced to boats as a toddler aged 4 and since then I have been fascinated with boats of all types.  When I met my wife we began travelling abroad and I was again eager to learn about boats from these various countries.

My main passion is sailing but I am equally happy spending time on a any type of boat. Anywhere near water and boats really. Over the years I have built up an enormous amount of information on boats and engines.  I hope to be able to pass on as much of this knowledge as possible to you, reader.

This site is dedicated to helping people get the best from their boats and outboard engines, with others sharing their own experiences and to promote spending time afloat.

If I can help in anyway, please get in touch through my Contact Us page.

I hope you enjoy Sailorpower.

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