Christmas 2010 gifts for every practical boat owner should be not only useful but real value for money. The type of gifts that are really useful are those that need replaced each season. Items like a Log Book, Tide tables and charts all need up dating each year. However, most of us also like gifts that are unique and perhaps high tech. Marine GPS systems are getting more compact and powerful, so some of us would like one for a Christmas gift!

Practical boat owners also appreciate tools both hand and power that can make life a bit more easier when doing the annual maintenance. During the winter that little tool that was given as a present at Christmas can prove very useful! Even reading about ways to improve your vessel is interesting, so not only books but nowadays, cds and dvds are a really great Christmas present.

Two years into this recession means that most boat owners are used to making every penny count. Value for money in gifts for the family and friends is important. But that does not mean that the funny and silly Christmas gifts need to be ignored! Making someone laugh when they realise what they have unwrapped on Christmas morning is a great tonic for these difficult times.

So if you want to see what the top Christmas gifts for practical boat owners are for 2010, then click here.

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