Electric outboards

bisonelectricoutboard 150x150 Electric outboards There are more and more electric outboards appearing on the market and some very good second hand ones for sale. An example is the SKP Electric Motors 12V outboard. Which is perfect for fresh water applications. These motors are reliable and environmentally friendly. With more pressure from inland waterway and lake controllers, to reduce pollution and noise, these almost silent motors are the preferred method to power small craft. The outboard features: Five forward and 2 reverse options; Twist grip throttle control with extending handle; Multi-tilt transom Bracket; Quick change Power Propeller; and is Powered by 12V battery (not supplied). The 54lb thrust option is supplied with a three-blade propeller. The ideal battery is a 40Amp semi traction.

The Bison Neraus Series is another example of a popular electric outboard motor, available second hand.
Durable, reliable and more power for your money. Put one to the test and see why Neraus is the best
value electric motor on the market . Designed for salt and freshwater use it has an indestructible composite shaft which is stronger than steel, yet flexes on impact. It will not break, kink or corrode.
The electric outboard has a Lever Lock Transom Bracket which is twice as strong as conventional brackets. This special composite materials resist flexing, warping and UV damage.
In addition, there is a Weedless Wedge True weedless prop. Whose patented swept back design pushes weeds away without draining valuable power. The Power PropDelivers extra power for greater acceleration.
With the Battery Level Meter, you will always know how much battery life you have left with the LED power meter. It is claimed it has the Best Power To Battery Life Ratio. The outboard comes with a Free Cordura Carry Case which makes easy work of transporting and storing the motor. Bison have a UK Service Center.
You can be confident that in the very un-likely case that something should go wrong that there is a fully qualified team of technicians here in the UK. The Bison is supplied with battery clips attached.

For new and second hand electric outboards follow this link.

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