[youtube][/youtube]evinrude-outboardEvinrude outboard motors are one of the original brands of outboard motors. Initially Evinrude was owned by Outboard Marine Corporation (OMC) but now it comes under the control of Bombardier Recreational Products.






Used Evinrude outboard motors can be found listed here. they use four stroke engines in their smaller models and two stroke engines in their larger models. Bombardier introduced the E-TEC direct fuel injection technology in the outboard motors in place of FICHT technology. The new technology reduced noise levels, reduced emissions, oil usage, fuel efficiency, and required less maintenance.

This new E-TEC technology was recognized by the European Union and was the first to win the American Environmental Protection Agency 2005 Clean Air Excellence Award.

When they introduced E-TEC technology, Evinrude outboard motors became more durable, reliable, and produced better quality than other outboard motors. These motors deliver more torque, more horsepower than the competing four-strokes. E-TEC technology produces lesser emissions and brings less weight per horse power. This means their outboards produce better handling and more responsive than most others.

When it will come to torque, E-TEC will leave rivals way behind and you can always rely on this outboard motor. My first memory of an outboard motor was when my father used one on our boat, in the 1960s and I remember him saying that our 9.9 hp outboard was more like a 15 hp, because it had so much more torque. I remember him saying it was to do with the America tax laws. Any outboard over 10 hp was taxed more, so Evinrude made the one we had at 9.9 hp, just under the limit. I will need to investigate this and report back with the details if I can find them!

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