[youtube][/youtube]force-outboard Force outboard motors came into production during the 1980s when US Marine, who own Bayliner Boats, bought the Chrysler outboard business. The plan was to offer for sale a complete package of boat, trailer and engine to the public. Dealers loved this new arrangement because it saved them sourcing and equipping the boats themselves. Force outboards were not top quality, they lacked modern technology, but they were cheaper than others in the market.

However, many people were introduced to boating through buying this relatively inexpensive package of outboard equipped Bayliner boats. Later in the 1980s, US Marine were bought over by the Brunswick Corporation, who owned the market leaders – Mercury. This meant that Force outboards were then able to use parts from Mercury outboards – a great benefit. Force engines were then made available to all boats, not just Bayliners.

In 1999 with competition from companys abroad, such as Japan and prices not being so competitive, Force outboards stopped production. Parts for their outboards have become more difficult to source since then and dealers who offer servicing for these engines is often hard to find.

In my opinion, based on my knowledge of knowing boaters who have bought and used Force outboards, I will state the following.

If you are considering buying a Force outboard, find out the age of the engine. If it is one of the early Chrysler built motors – avoid it. Unless it is one of those rare ones that has been owned for 10 years or more by one family and has been maintained regularly.

Buy only the motors with Mercury parts, i.e. built after 1985. Always try and find out about its history, maintenance, replacement parts, servicing etc. Get it checked over by a mechanic or if you feel you know enough, throughly test it in the water. Put the outboard through its paces. All the owners I have met say that with regular servicing and maintainance, the outboard should preform well. Sourcing spares is possible on sites like this with access to auctions such as ebay. Force outboards are listed for sale here.
For those Force outboards advertised through this site, you should contact the seller and ask questions before bidding to buy.

How old is the engine? – if they do not know, ask for the serial number. Check the serial number to find when the engine was produced.

When was it last serviced? If it has been some considerable time, then I would be wary. The price would really need to reflect this fact.

If possible go and view the outboard to see it in action. If not possible view video or a series of photos showing it running.

These words of advise relate to Force outboards, but are also valid for any second hand outboard you are thinking of buying.

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