honda-newHonda was the first to introduce 4-stroke outboard engines into the United States of America around 40 years ago. 4 stroke outboards where way ahead of their time and this was a major achievement for Honda Motors. It gave them the motivation and opportunity to be the leaders in the outboard motor market. Honda constantly introduce new innovations and with excellent marketing, their outboard motors have achieved a status which mant envy. Although 40 years ago they were ahead of time, they strive to lead in a competitive market.

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The drive behind the success of Honda outboards is their passion for perfection. Their constant thirst to be the best pushs them to invent new technologies and new ideas, which mean Honda are capturing a bigger market share than you would imagine in the motor industry. Honda outboard motors have 50 different models, which are capable of producing efficient, quiet and clean four stroke engines for boaters to enjoy.

National Marine Manufacturers Association decided to award Honda Marine with the “Best in Customer Satisfaction” award for four straight years. To add to this Sail Magazine awarded them their Freeman Pittman Award for the 2 horse power model of Honda motors.

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