johnson-outboard Johnson motors was started by four brothers Julius, Clarence, Harry, and Lou. They originally built an inboard marine engine to power their rowing boat. It was so successful they went into production! Actual production of an outboard motor began in 1921. With very little publicity 7,000 outboards were sold by 1923.

At first everything went well and Johnson were the first to introduce heavy outboard engines in 1926. However, due to the Depression in America, Johnson declared itself bankrupt in 1932, as a direct result of stock market crash of October, 1929. By 1935, Johnson found a new buyer, Outboard Marine and Manufacturing Corporation (OMC). A majority of its shares were bought by Evinrude. Used Johnson outboards and spares are listed here.

It was in 2001 that OMC were sold to Bombardier Receation of Canada. In their statement Bombardier promised to bring back Johnson back to its former importance in the industry.

Johnson outboard motors have a 3-stage baffle chamber for less noise, aluminum connecting rods, easier restart facilities, longer engine life and instant throttle response.

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