Outboards for Speedboats

The size of the outboard engine for speedboats really depends on the length of the boat. Small speedboats can get on the plane and really provide speed with only a 40hp engine. Other slightly larger speedboats will need between a 60hp and 200hp to really deliver the speed and excitement!

Most speedboats have only a single outboard motor. Only the really serious speedboats will have two or three large outboard engines strapped to their sterns. Large outboards are usually bolted to the hull of the speedboat. These large engines can weigh more than an overweight human! So once they are attached to the speedboat they are there permanently.

All these large outboards for speedboats have electric start and also a large petrol tank! Only the smaller speedboats with say a 40 hp engine will have pull start using a cord. It is much easier with electric start!

Evinrude, Force, Honda, Johnson, Mariner, Mercury, Suzuki and Yamaha all have in their range large outboard engines suitable for speedboats.  All are very good motors, but after almost 50 years of boating I would say that the two best outboards, taking everything into consideration would be Mercury and Yamaha. These two manufacturers have a great reputation for large powerful outboards. When I was younger it was always considered that Mercury outboards were the equivalent of Rolls Royce. However, as the years have progressed Yamaha have steadily gained a wonderful reputation for their outboard engines. I have had many Yamaha outboards of various sizes and all have been great engines!

Some people have had other outboards from say Evinrude or Johnson (Same really) and swear by them! Of the list I gave above only Force outboards occasionally get bad reviews. So if I had to give you any advice it would be to chose any of the above except Force outboards.

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