There are several ways to protect your outboard engine from the elements as well as thieves.  All moving parts should either be smeared with grease or lubricated with a light oil. Your manual will keep you right as to the type of oil or grease to use. Properly maintaining the moving parts will certainly reduce problems which usually occur when at sea.

The other form of protection for your outboard motor is security from theft. With thousands of boats now on their moorings all over Britain, it is a thieves paradise! Please make sure your outboard is visibly secured to the boat. This can be by bolts,;chain and padlock; sliding bar and padlock or any other method that will deter thieves.

Most thieves are looking for an easy, quick way to acquire the outboard engine. Normally, they will not want to spend an hour sawing through chain links or padlocks. So make it really difficult for them! If possible rig up a light – perhaps a solar light – that can illuminate the engine during the night. Thieves do not like to work with a light shining on them! If they see this type of set up they will move onto the next boat and ignore yours.

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