Many people struggle to find a Christmas present for boaters. So often there is nothing that is obvious that a boater needs. A person that has a boat seems to have everything that is required on their boat.  However, consumables like engine oil, filters, spark plugs, locks, and grease are always overlooked. These are things that are needed by boat owners. So why not buy these items as presents?

Engine oil is essential to be replaced each season by the boat owner. Fresh engine oil will make a tremendous benefit to the overall performance of the engine. So it needs replaced. Why not give a good quality engine oil as a present? Wrap it up in Christmas paper with a bow! You will be delighted by the reaction you receive!

A new set of spark plugs will really benefit the performance of the outboard engine. This is an item that most owners think about but normally overlook each season. They tend to clean the existing ones and make do. However, if you give them as a Christmas present then they should be fitted by the owner before the new season begins.

A set of fuel filters are also on most boat owners to do list. However, they are often overlooked. So by giving them as a Christmas present you are providing a good opportunity for the owner to replace them. It is the same with providing Grease as a present. Before the season begins it is a great idea to use grease on all the places it is required before launching the boat. This will make using the equipment a lot easier because it will run smoother with grease!

When a boat is in the water it is subject to all sorts of dangers. One of the dangers is theft. So it is best to try and prevent thieves from stealing equipment. There are various locks available to use. You should look around your vessel and identify what can be stolen. Then use locks to prevent theft of any equipment. Outboard motors are the most potential items of theft because they can be unscrewed from the vessel easily. So if your outboard is screwed to the outboard bracket it would be sensible to put a lock on it.

All of the above are potential Christmas presents that you could provide for the boat owner in your family. Although you might think some of the items are not sufficient to give as a present, believe me, they are ideal! Most people look for the big items at Christmas and forget the small things. The above list will certainly provide your boat owner family friend with everything they wanted for Christmas!