With winter now well and truly hear hopefully you have a dehumidifier on your boat. If not, here is one that I use.

This particular dehumidifier is portable, efficient and economical. It uses modern technology which makes it light and quiet. Any moisture extracted from the surrounding environment in your boat, is stored in the dehumidifiers removable water tank.

A 2 litre tank capacity which when full, automatically turns off the unit. It can remove between 550-600ml of moisture per day at 30°C 80%RH (so it works best if you have a low energy heater also running to keep the temperature above say 15 degrees C). In this condition it will dramatically reduce the effects of mould, dampness and of course humidity.

I have been using this model for over a year. Last winter it worked a treat and I have had it plugged in since November. I check it each weekend and empty the water out. If I did not do that it would switch off when the tank becomes full.

One of these dehumidifier does my 9 metre boat just fine with all the cabin doors open. Perhaps if you have a boat with separate cabins; say an aft cabin you will need to buy two dehumidifiers.

At the moment it is the cheapest dehumidifier on ebay!