It is now the end of the season for most of us and thoughts turn to outboard motor maintenance. Lets face it, if we do nothing to our outboard all winter by the time we look at it next spring it will probably be corroded up inside. So we need to consider what needs to be done to maintain it. Firstly, the outboard motor needs to be flushed with clean fresh water – not sea water!  Then the petrol tank needs to be empty.  Spark plugs cleaned or replaced. Oil changed. WD40 or similar sprayed on all moving parts. Lubricating oil on any bearing that you can gain access to within the engine or moving parts. Finally, store the outboard in a dry cool place away from any excessive heat or dampness.

If you are happy with the way your outboard behaved during the summer then keep it. If you are not happy, then consider replacing it with another model – perhaps newer. Why not look on our store listings to view other outboards that maybe of interest?