Once you have bought and fitted your outboard motor to your boat, you will sooner or later want to add accessories.  For boats larger than a dinghy, the first accessory will be control box and cables to be able to sit or stand further away from the outboard engine.  This remote control will have two main benefits.  Firstly it will probably be more comfortable to control the outboard, using the remote control box.  Secondly, because you are no longer sitting right at the stern of the boat, the trim will be better.  That is, the boat will no longer be going along with the bow reaching for the sky!

A control box fitted with cables can be positioned anywhere on the boat.  You are only limited to the length of the cables.  So consider carefully where you want to site these controls.  If you are also going to use a steering wheel to guide the boat, obviously the controls should be near this wheel.  You can follow the traditional position of siting the wheel and controls or use your own imagination.

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Other accessories you might consider adding to your outboard is the ability for your engine to charge the battery when it is running.  Most outboards have an alternator already fitted and all that is required is the wiring.  So this is easily sorted.  While on the subject of electrics, you might want to convert your outboard to an electric start!  This will save you some hard work;  not having to pull that starting cord again!  Just turn a key instead. 

So, to find electrical equipment to add to your outboard motor just follow this link.

In fact, if you are looking for any particular part for to add or replace, then click on our link to the store to see if it is advertised just now.  Remember parts are listed every minute of every day so keep coming back to see if what you are looking for is for sale.  It will no doubt be available at a very cheap price!  Certainly cheaper than ordering or buying through your local chandlery.

Often once you have bought your outboard engine you will need an outboard motor bracket.  Most outboard brackets are only guaranteed up to 10 h.p. so for small boats and yachts up to say 30 feet this is OK.  Larger boats need another alternative.  If you are looking for an outboard motor bracket for your engine, click here.

Sometimes you need to look at your engine manual for information on servicing and other routine checks. If you have bought the engine and or boat second hand, these items may not be available.  It is very useful to have access to information on your outboard.  Although things might be running tickety-bo at the start of the season, slight adjustments may be required later.  Being able to make these adjustments on your own, because you know how to do them, can prove useful.  Why not buy a manual second hand from our store, cheaply.  After all the more you know about your outboard engine, the better!

Often you will buy a second hand outboard and there is no tank to go with it.  Or the tank is too small.  To extend your cruising range why not buy a tank that is big enough to take you where you want to go and back?  Plastic fuel tanks come in a variety of sizes.  From my own experience, there is nothing more annoying than having to try and re fuel out at sea, in a chop, with petrol sometimes going into the filler and more often than not missing and running all over the deck!  So take my advice and get yourself equipped with tanks of sufficent size to go where you want without re fuelling.  Visit our store and buy a second hand tank, at a cheap price!

Outboards need oil.  Whether you have a modern 4 stroke outboard or an older 2 stroke, they all need oil. Oil is making many people rich.  It is an essential ingredient of outboard motors.  Much is made of the different qualities of oil.  I have over the years bought various types and qualities of oil.  Basically, your engine needs oil.  It needs oil that can do its job of lubricating the engine parts efficiently.  This is the crux of the matter.  All oil is capable of doing a job. Some lesser grade oils will deteriorate quickly, and need replacing. So if you buy cheap you have to remember to change your oil more frequently.  If you buy better more quality oil, you can change it less frequently.  The problems arise when you buy cheap and forget to change it! In my car I have been told to only use synthetic oil!  This is due to its superior qualities.  Oil is a lubricant.  As it gets used it deteriorates. It picks up debris from the engine, metal, carbon etc. So over time it wears out, for want of a better phrase.  Your engine will react to this oil as it deteriorates and will no doubt perform less efficiently because the oil has not been renewed.  So renew your oil frequently. At least once a season, if possible.

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Many boatowners take great pride in their outboard motors.  Keeping them clean and free from dirt and growth is important.  Although antifouling paint can be applied to their boat to prevent algae growing on the hull, most outboards manufacturers do not advise painting the leg of their outboard motor.  In fact, specialist aluminium paint has been developed to apply to outboards and outdrives that will inhibit growth of algae. 

For cleaning materials for your outboard, go here.

As you use your boat more often there may be times when you find yourself in a situation where your propellor acidentally touches the seabed and gets damaged.  You will need a replacement.  This can be expensive.  However, from time to time there are propellors advertised in our store that could solve your problem.  Sometimes the propellor fitted to the outboard engine is not the best fit for the boat / engine combination.  In other words the diameter or the pitch of the propellor is not giving the boat its best performance.  This may be due to the dealership or the manufacturer or just the previous owner not fitting the optimine propellor for the condition.

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