With the summer season fast approaching boaters are not the only ones benefiting from their boats! Thieves will be out and about! Recent thefts from boats with outboard motors around the Essex coast have resulted in local police issuing a special security cover to replace your existing cowling.

Outboard motor security covers are now available for owners who can use the device to replace the outboard cowling when their boat is not in use, making it less attractive to potential thieves.
“For just £11 or £12, boat owners can help prevent the theft of an item which would cost them £200 to replace.

“At the same time, an engine with a police-branded cover is of no use to a thief who would need to go to the extra effort and cost of paying for a replacement before off-loading it.”

The PVC cover, which is manufactured by Thornham-based Nelson County Marine Covers, is available in two sizes, has breather holes to combat condensation and is designed to keep the weather out even on a wet mooring.

A chord and lockable buckle strap, which can be secured with a padlock, stop it being blown away or tampered with.

Police bring their new outboard motor security covers to Brancaster Staithe. Pictured with the cover is harbour master Mervyn Nudds and PCSO Carole Leathersich, with Nicholas Healing, of Thornham-based Nelson County Marine Covers, on the water.
Picture: ALAN MILLER 09AM05219 www.photostoday.co.uk