Small trailer sailer yachts require a small outboard but probably one slightly larger than a dinghy outboard motor.  4 H.P. up to say, 6 h.p. would suit most trailer sailers.  These outboards are usually mounted on a lifting outboard bracket attached to the transom of the yacht. This enables the outboard to be tilted and or lifted clear of the water, usually when sailing.

Some trailer sailers might be able to have the outboard engine within reach of the helmsman. Others might have to have remote controls fitted which will make life a lot easier. Being able to control the outboard engine with a control box beside the helm is a lot easier than continually reaching over the stern to alter the position of the outboard engine.

Most changes to the outboard motor happen when you are entering or leaving a harbour, anchorage or marina. If your eyes are on your outboard while you change the speed, gear or direction of the outboard motor then they are not on the direction you are travelling. This is important. You really need to be concentrating on looking where you are going at all times. Not being distracted by leaning over the stern altering the outboard controls!

So you should choose an outboard engine that allows control cables to be fitted that will help you easily change gear and direction when either entering or leaving an anchorage.