With most of us having our boats ready for the water or already in the water, it is important to have a reliable outboard.  There is nothing more frustrating than having the outboard engine stop just when we need it!  Rarely, it is some unpredictable reason for it to fail.  Most of the time it is because we failed to do something to the outboard.  Either have it serviced or flush it with fresh water after a long run in seawater or whatever?  If we do not maintain the engine it will let us down.  Deep down we know it and some of us put off doing the right thing, for whatever reason.  But if you are out at sea you really need to know your engine is going to keep going because you have done everything possible to ensure it does.  Not giving your outboard motor a service before using it this season is false economy.  It may cost you more just trying to cut corners and not servicing it.

Elsewhere on this blog I mentioned getting your 4 stroke engine’s oil changed.  This is another routine thing to do.  It will help your engine run better and more reliably.  Modern 4 strokes tend to be smoother when idling than the older 2 strokes, although this will not be the case if they have not been maintained properly.  Take time to pamper your engine and it will respond, by keeping going when you need it most!