Whether you lift out your boat at the end of the season or keep it afloat, you should make your engine ready for the winter. If you have an outboard engine either as the main engine or one for the tender, it will need attention right now! Before any damage can be done. There are a few steps to take to make your outboard ready for the winter lay up –

  1. Wash the outboard motor with fresh water – by flushing it through while it is running, then cleaning it on the outside.
  2. Thoroughly dry the engine with an old dry cloth, to remove as much moisture as possible.
  3. Remove the Spark plug(s) and insert and oily cloth in the hole(s).
  4. Clean or replace the Spark plugs.
  5. If their is any fuel left in the engine – drain it off.
  6. Use lubrication spray such as WD40 on all moving parts.
  7. Grease the tilt mechanism, gear change lever, throttle and prop shaft.
  8. If it has a pull cord – check for wear and replace if required.
  9. If the outboard has a separate fuel tank – drain it or use it in another engine.
  10. Store your outboard upright on a secure bracket in a dry place away from extreme cold.

If you follow the above steps your outboard will be prepared for the cold winter weather and will not deteriorate with non use.


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